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The Healthy Tennis Player

flexibility and balance increaseTennis can be a very rewarding hobby, even a career path to some. People discover tennis at various phases of life; some in their adolescence, some in their teen years, some when they are young adults and even mature adults who have never played tennis in their lives may be exposed to it for the first time. Tennis satisfies the edge for competitive sports that many people enjoy as a pass-time, and it is an excellent way of staying fit and spry. There are health factors to be aware of for those who want to be avid tennis players, however, as there are certain health measures that need to be managed properly.

Those who play tennis regularly can expect to enjoy certain health benefits that are particular to the sport, so long as good safety is practiced when playing. Tennis players are known to have particularly good bone and heart health. Playing tennis is such a cardiovascular activity that the heart gets excellent circulation and keeps a person’s body fat low. Bones remain strong and agile from playing tennis because of how much strength the sport requires. Flexibility and balance are increased by playing tennis due to the amount of stretching and quick movements that are made in the game.

As beneficial as tennis can be, it is also very important to be a safe tennis player and be aware of the effect it is having on your body. Their are several common tennis injuries, most of which develop through repetitive motion, that you must be aware of in order to detect signs of injury early. Ankle, knee, elbow and wrist problems are very common in avid tennis players due to repetitive rotation, hard contact and snappy movements on these joints – something that is commonly referred to as Tennis Elbow. Taking glucosamine for joint health and working anti-inflammatories into your diet can be sufficient ways of controlling joint pain. Tennis is also hard on the back and can result in chronic back pain. Taking care to relax muscles through massage, yoga and hot tubs can ease these symptoms. Tennis players have also been known to suffer heat stroke, as tennis is a very involved sport that can make people forget about their physical state. Be careful to monitor your temperature and level of hydration in order to avoid heat stroke. And, as in all professional sports, addiction to performance enhancing drugs is more prevalent than many people realize, and requires substance abuse therapy in order to resolve.